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Please inquire about booking English tours or if you don’t understand Japanese via What’s App here. Regular tours are conducted in Japanese only. Participation of those who cannot understand the safety instructions in Japanese is strictly prohibited.For English tour inquiries or for non-Japanese speakers, please contact me here.

【Welcome Home🌈Amami-Naturguide】

Welcome to Amami Oshima, the Island of Mystery and Adventure – an enchanting gem among the World’s Natural Heritage sites! Get ready to be thrilled!Both individuals and travel agents are welcome.If you can understand Japanese safety instructions, you can join the regular Japanese tour.

We warmly welcome guests arriving on luxury cruise ferries to Amami. Our private tours, ranging from half-day to full-day charters, are available for groups of three or more and are conducted in the finest 4WD Hiace vans, ensuring comfort and luxury. We specialize in producing unforgettable trips to Amami Oshima, offering a level of luxury and depth that larger group tours cannot match. Daily experiences such as snorkeling, canoeing, and exploring pristine forests are available, alongside visits to Oshima Tsumugi silk factories, brown sugar shochu distilleries, art galleries, museums, and other tourist attractions. For those interested in cultural experiences or special planning, we kindly request inquiries to be made at least 10 days in advance. Entrust all aspects of your Amami Oshima experience to us for a truly memorable journey.

【About English Tour Guide・MASUTO TAKESHIMA】

Head of Amami Nature Guide, with 14 years as a Nature Guide and 5 years as a Local English Interpreter Guide in Amami. I love surfing, free-diving, climbing mountain, Fly fishing,and enjoy exploring the world. I will show you a safe and fun private adventure on Amami Oshima. We have standard activity tours and customizable tours for our guests. I look forward to meeting wonderful people who love nature and the Earth. With love, MASUTO

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①Private Activity Tours 1Day Adventure Tours

2 Activities /AM10:00〜PM17:00

1 person: 30,000 yen, including pick-up and drop-off. Free for Kasari and Tatsugo, extra charge for Naze. Traditional Amami Keihan lunch included.

②Private Activity Tours Half Day Adventure Tours

1 Activities /AM10:00〜12:00/PM 14:30~17:00

1 person15,000yen, Not including pick-up and drop-off

③VIP Customized Tour 1DAY Customizable Tours For Our Guests

During the tour, visit 2-3 sightseeing spots or cultural facilities with driving and interpreting guide provided./AM10:00〜PM17:00

1 person: 32,000 yen, including pick-up and drop-off. Free for Kasari and Tatsugo, extra charge for Naze. Traditional Amami Keihan lunch included.

For this tour, please consult us by Email or What,s App about your desired visit locations and activities before submitting a booking request.

I will do my best, but as a nature guide, I Try explaining cultural arts, academic terms, or plant descriptions. Please understand and apply accordingly.

【CONTACT US】Both individuals and travel agents are welcome.

*CALL /Amami-Natureguide AM9~PM20

japan080-3818-4090/oversea +8180-3818-4090



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You Can choice Our Special Activities

*【BEACH SNORKELING swim with Sea Turtle Tours】15000YEN

Snorkeling tour to swim with sea turtles – an almost 100% chance to swim with wild sea turtles and observe tropical fish and coral reefs. This is a safe and beginner-friendly beach snorkeling tour. Participants must be between 8 and 55 years old and free of any illnesses or disabilities. Participation is not possible for those with aquaphobia or who are unable to swim.

*【Manglove Canueing and Beautiful Waterfall/Harf day tour】15000YEN

We will embark on a canoeing adventure through the second largest mangrove forest in Japan, located on Amami Oshima. You can enjoy breathtaking views of the national park’s special protection area. We recommend going during high tide to explore the stunning interior of the mangrove plant, called “mehirugi,” and take commemorative photos. During low tide, you can land on the tidal flats to observe many creatures such as crabs and birds.We will also guide you to the world’s largest bean tree and a mystical waterfall.

*【Kinsakubaru-Virginforest Walking,Mangrove Canueing,And nice Waterfall 1day Tour】・30000YEN

This is a year-round recommended tour of the primeval forests. The Kinzakura primeval forest and the mangrove primeval forest are the two major protected areas representing Amami. In the Kinzakura primeval forest, only certified guides can enter and explore the ancient natural wonders that are protected. You can observe the world’s largest fern, Hikagehego, rare wild orchids and flowers according to the season, as well as rare birds and creatures. In addition, we will embark on a canoeing adventure through the second largest mangrove forest in Japan, located in a national park’s special protection area, where you can enjoy breathtaking views. We will also guide you to the world’s largest bean tree and a mystical waterfall.

*【Amami-blackrabbit,Special natural monument>And Starrit Night Safari-Tour】,15000YEN

This is a night jungle safari tour that focuses on observing the Amami black rabbit, a nationally designated special natural monument that only inhabits Amami, as well as many rare nocturnal birds, frogs, and rodents. On clear days, you can also enjoy a magnificent starry sky and the Milky Way. The tour includes a safe and comfortable luxury van-type 4WD vehicle with hotel pick-up and drop-off.

*All 1day tour include Transfer or Can meet up in our Office near TOMORI-BEACH.

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can park 5 CARs

<AMAMI-NATUREGUIDE Office and Parking at route 601>
7minute driving to north from Amamiairport.
Forrow the <TOMORI-BEACH>sign on the route601.
you can find office at left side of roadsign.

<TOMORI-BEACH>Most beautiful beach and Base of <AMAMI-NATUREGUIDE>we can SNOKELING here or SEATURTLE POINT

<BLUE GROTT point of Cral CAVE>

Beautiful and Wild Pacific Ocean Point

<HART ROCK power-spot of LOVE>

<Amazing Wild View points of North AMAMI>

<Mangrove Canoe in Nationalpark Mangrovevirginforest>


<Beautiful SUNSET and DRIVING>



<we can attend Seasonal Special point>

<We can attend,Star light and NIGHT TOUR with SAFETY and ROMANTIC>

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